Today is the Day of Truth
I vowed to be True to Myself
But I have done nought except let Me down
Dare I say No More
Dare I tell you to Fuck Off

Today is the Day I teach you how to treat me
Keep your Lies in your Purse
I will not corrupt my Soul with your Untruths
Your curses are nought but a reflection of You
You Fool me No More

Today is the Day I am Free of you
Your words have an Effect on me No More
I See you, all of you, in a way your Minions do not
They will do your bidding, of that I am Sure
But not me, No More shall I let Me down

Today, I tell you to Fuck Off.

~ s.s.k.s


Fool I Am

Fool that I am, now I finally know
To think that I could find another you
Fate mocks me
Time reopens the wound so deep
Reality fades away
The memories rejuvenated
The black cloud descends, lusting to quench its thirst
The pain floods me, wrenching apart my soul
Broken and torn, yet you do not care to spare
That tiny breath of life that is left in me
Go away, leave me alone
For though I loved you once, I love you no more
No longer a memory I yearn to relive
But a nightmare I wish to forget
This is meant to be, I know it now
It is time to let go.

~ s.s.k.s.

I Believe I’ll Find You Again (Nov 1997)

You made my heart skip beats.

You made me smile, made me laugh,

you made me blush just by looking at me,

you made me do stupid things just to get your attention.

You brought meaning and joy into my life.

Just being with you was enough to light up my day.

You were always there when I needed you.

I’m sorry I can’t be there for you now,

when you need me so much.

You always gave me the strength and courage

I needed during those hard times.

I’m sorry I can’t be there with you now

when you need all the strength and courage in the world.

But, I believe I’ll find you again…

You were there for me till the very end –

like my guardian angel God-sent from above –

when I thought I had reached the end of the world.

I’m sorry I can’t be there for you now,

when you have reached the end of your world.

I need to believe that I’ll find you again.

You gave me hope,

you made me believe in myself and in the impossible,

you thought me how to look at things the brighter way.

I’m sorry I can’t do all these things for you.

But, I believe I’ll find you again…

I’m not sorry I ever met you,

I can never thank God enough for letting you into my life.

You thought me so many things,

you made me the strong person I am now,

i just wish it could have lasted longer.

I need to believe that I’ll find you again.

I will miss you dearly,

I will miss you endlessly,

I’ll be lonely without you

but I know the love we shared,

will see me through the hard times that aren’t too far off.

I just wish I could take care of you,

the way you took care of me.

I only wish you didn’t have to go.

It’s too soon.

But, I believe I’ll find you again…

I want to see you again,

to feel your arms around me again,

to feel the shower of your kisses

that I know I will never feel ever again.

I need to believe that I’ll find you again.

~ s.s.k.s.