04 - Paris_City_Tour_Day2 (25)

Sipping hot tea by the fire, watching raindrops
leave trails on the windowpane;
There she was, walking idly in the rain,
strolling along, not a care in the world.

Here and there they rush around, hunched over to
protect themselves from the icy onslaught;
And there she was, enjoying the feel of cool rain on warm skin,
sticking her tongue out to taste the sky.

The streets are dotted with umbrellas, both young and old
decked out in vibrant and colorful raincoats;
But she, such a silly girl, had want of neither,
lauging instead at the quizzical stares of passersby.

It is warm and dry by the fire, safe and sound
wrapped up in a blanket, so afraid to catch a chill;
She was thoroughly soaked, her clothes sticking to every curve,
leaving so little to the imagination of twisted minds.

She stares out at the throng, all hurrying to some place new,
thinking about the girl she once was;
She skipped in the rain, splashing puddles all the way home,
dreaming of love, romance and Paris.

~ s.s.k.s



one step forward
two steps backwards
two steps forward
one step backwards

on and on spinning the wheel
round and round the wheels go

so much movement
too much inertia
so much ability
too much exhaustion

on and on spinning the wheel
round and round the wheels go

~ s.s.k.s.

Fool I Am

Fool that I am, now I finally know
To think that I could find another you
Fate mocks me
Time reopens the wound so deep
Reality fades away
The memories rejuvenated
The black cloud descends, lusting to quench its thirst
The pain floods me, wrenching apart my soul
Broken and torn, yet you do not care to spare
That tiny breath of life that is left in me
Go away, leave me alone
For though I loved you once, I love you no more
No longer a memory I yearn to relive
But a nightmare I wish to forget
This is meant to be, I know it now
It is time to let go.

~ s.s.k.s.

The Preserver (Feb 2001)

Over Time we have no hold, who

Winding down the soundless clocks,

Sets the momentum of our Life.

Over us Time has no hold;

For we who dance to his beats,

Will one day transcend into Eternity.

~ s.s.k.s.

Sweet Dreams (Jan 2002)

The wheels of Time churn endlessly,

My mind oscillates between then & now,

Blurring the edges of reality:

Sanity, threatened by fireballs of pain,

I lie awake & pray… Are you there?

~ s.s.k.s.