Love Maze (Nov 2002)

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Crouching in every corner, Disillusionment
Craftily weaves its web of Deceit.
Every turn made by the naive optimist
Reveals treachery yet again.

At each turn,
Anticipation pounds through my veins;
My heart swells with faith and desire.
But each time
I collide full force into
The dark wall of Betrayal.

At each turn,
Expectations build themselves high;
The promise of the perfect love.
But each time
I plunge headlong into
The black abyss of Uncertainty.

I see not the coy smile of Disillusionment
My eyes, blinded by Hopelessness
My heart led astray by Lies and False Promises
Love’s Allies fool me yet again.

© Sharon Kaur-Schuelke

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