Polar Opposites

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Last night you came to me once more
Like death knocked on my door,
Pure white angels snowy white
Jerked me right out of sleep,
Standing dark and solemn at the foot of my bed
You said let’s fly away over the pale moon,
As warm wind did we embrace
Your touch so cold on my heart,
My soul yearns for the light so warm
So why can’t I see the light at the end of you?

The promise of a new day bright and clear
Brings neither joy nor love into my soul,
Polar regions need no ends
For there is no end to the cold,
Solar regions feel no bends
Because light rays reflect off my soul,
My heart is not yet warm
My soul still so cold,
Take me away from this cruelty
Let me make you my choice.

© Sharon Kaur-Schuelke

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