Thank You

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Time has come for you, to take you away
From this stage where my life enacts itself.
I suppose it is time for me to face my past,
Something which I was so eager to block out.
You, a diversion snatched up in desperation,
But a friendship discovered unexpectedly.
Thank you, dear friend, for that lifeline
That you unknowingly held out to me,
Waking me from the delusion I had led myself into.
Now I remember the me that was before,
What would have been had I gone down the other path.
Thank you, dear friend, for opening my eyes
You have helped me regain that confidence lost,
Pushing me back on track, back into gear.
You have left those precious footprints in my life,
That I shall cherish, for the memories will be sufficient.
Take care, dear friend, and though I might never see you again,
You shall always be remembered and dear to me.

© Sharon Kaur-Schuelke

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