Friendship (Feb 2001)

Memories of you and me

Reflecting on the waters of my mind,

These pure, white snowflakes

Spread such warmth through me.

The fun and laughter of days passed

The beauty of our youth, now in it’s prime

These will never return

But you will always be here.

In my heart, as I live

In the warmth of my pure landscape

Of memories of us.

~ s.s.k.s


Forever Forgotten (Mar 1998)

Our Yesterday



Our Love

In my heart always

Never forgotten.


I’ll lose you



You’ll be gone

But never forgotten.

Today I cried

Vowed to love only you


Tomorrow I know this vow

Will be lost

But never forgotten.

I love you now



My love will stay


Never forgotten.

~ s.s.k.s

I Believe I’ll Find You Again (Nov 1997)

You made my heart skip beats.

You made me smile, made me laugh,

you made me blush just by looking at me,

you made me do stupid things just to get your attention.

You brought meaning and joy into my life.

Just being with you was enough to light up my day.

You were always there when I needed you.

I’m sorry I can’t be there for you now,

when you need me so much.

You always gave me the strength and courage

I needed during those hard times.

I’m sorry I can’t be there with you now

when you need all the strength and courage in the world.

But, I believe I’ll find you again…

You were there for me till the very end –

like my guardian angel God-sent from above –

when I thought I had reached the end of the world.

I’m sorry I can’t be there for you now,

when you have reached the end of your world.

I need to believe that I’ll find you again.

You gave me hope,

you made me believe in myself and in the impossible,

you thought me how to look at things the brighter way.

I’m sorry I can’t do all these things for you.

But, I believe I’ll find you again…

I’m not sorry I ever met you,

I can never thank God enough for letting you into my life.

You thought me so many things,

you made me the strong person I am now,

i just wish it could have lasted longer.

I need to believe that I’ll find you again.

I will miss you dearly,

I will miss you endlessly,

I’ll be lonely without you

but I know the love we shared,

will see me through the hard times that aren’t too far off.

I just wish I could take care of you,

the way you took care of me.

I only wish you didn’t have to go.

It’s too soon.

But, I believe I’ll find you again…

I want to see you again,

to feel your arms around me again,

to feel the shower of your kisses

that I know I will never feel ever again.

I need to believe that I’ll find you again.

~ s.s.k.s.

The Preserver (Feb 2001)

Over Time we have no hold, who

Winding down the soundless clocks,

Sets the momentum of our Life.

Over us Time has no hold;

For we who dance to his beats,

Will one day transcend into Eternity.

~ s.s.k.s.

Sweet Dreams (Jan 2002)

The wheels of Time churn endlessly,

My mind oscillates between then & now,

Blurring the edges of reality:

Sanity, threatened by fireballs of pain,

I lie awake & pray… Are you there?

~ s.s.k.s.

Love Maze (Nov 2002)

Crouching in every corner, Disillusionment

Craftily weaves its web of Deceit.

Every turn made by the naive optimist

Reveals treachery yet again.

At each turn,

Anticipation pounds through my veins;

My heart swells with faith and desire.

But each time

I collide full force into

The dark wall of Betrayal.

At each turn,

Expectations build themselves high;

The promise of the perfect love.

But each time

I plunge headlong into

The black abyss of Uncertainty.

I see not the coy smile of Disillusionment

My eyes, blinded by Hopelessness

My heart led astray by Lies and False Promises

Love’s Allies fool me yet again.

~ s.s.k.s

Vampire (Aug 2001)

I am drowning, drowning

In this silence of hearts;

The slit wrists –

A scar forever I will bear,

With it the shame.

True Love is a farce;

Faith? Trust? Lies! Deceit!

Love is the shadow that lurks

Behind the fresh innocents,

Threatening to engulf all.

This silence carries me farther,

Father into the abyss;

I do not see the shore: I do not want to.

I do not feel the ground; I do not wish to.

I cannot breathe; I feel I do not need to.

Those lies you weaved,

Have made me into my worst nightmare.

A death temptation –

The purity, innocence lost

In this world of masks.

~ s.s.k.s